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  • Highlights of Splore Festival 2024 – FEASTY!April 2nd, 2024

    With a fabulous 2024 festival theme of FEASTY, we literally and metaphorically feasted upon festival fashion, music, sculpture, food, fun and festivities galore, at Splore Festival! 

    Here are som

  • Things I’m Loving: Feb/Mar 2024April 2nd, 2024

    Things I’m Loving: Feb/Mar 2024

    At the opening night of Harbourside Auckland new Sake Bar 🌸🌸 A fabulous night featuring DJ Peter Urlich, sake cocktails, and sushi, with a stun

  • FILM REVIEW: Drive Away DollsMarch 11th, 2024

    I made a flippant joke when I saw the poster for Drive Away Dolls (dir Ethan Coen) where I called it two girls, one car.

  • FILM REVIEW: DUNE Part TwoMarch 11th, 2024

    “You inherit too much power”,  Reverend Mother Mohiam (Charlotte Rampling), leader of the Bene Gesserit order, snarks at Paul Atredides (Timothée Chalamet).

  • FILM REVIEW: Force of Nature: The Dry 2February 22nd, 2024

    We all have trauma, some of it small t trauma and some of it big T trauma. What we do about the trauma, big or small affects how we live and engage with the people in our lives.