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ON MY DESK: What’s new for February 2023 in health and beauty

As I sit here we are in the midst of Cyclone Gabriella approaching Auckland and battening down the hatches and bringing in deck furniture. It feels like 2020 all over again, with the children on Zoom classroom and the supermarket shelves bare of many items. I hope everyone is doing ok and is safe during the storm and has a warm pet/good Netflix show to binge/cup of hot tea to sip.

I have now made my cup of tea and sat down to tell you about a few lovely fresh things I have seen lately. Let me share with you some healthy and beauty-full new releases to come across my desk this week, and please stay safe out there everyone.

ON MY DESK: What’s new for February 2023

The Basic Blue Cosmetics

The Basic Blue Cosmetics Harakeke Soothing Hand Lotion

Selene Nguyen, a Registered Nurse, founded The Basic Blue Cosmetics as she was constantly washing and drying her hands and they became dry and irritated. To fix her dry, cracked skin, she developed Harakeke Soothing Hand Lotion to deliver hydration without slipperiness so she could work effectively at nursing. I used it after tidying up my garden after the Auckand floods lately and my hands were cut up from bromelliads. It is a cruelty-free, vegan and recyclable product made in New Zealand, containing harakeke leaf, jojoba oil, squalene, shea butter and aloe vera and is available at

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

New Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

I am a HUGE fan of all things Dermalogica especially around their anti-ageing products so I was extremely excited to see their latest release: Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum, in particular the fact that it has a high dose 3.5% Retinoid Complex. It targets the four signs of ageing – wrinkles, texture, pore size and tone with clinical studies showing improvements in just two weeks. To use, apply a thin layer over face keeping clear of eyes and follow with your night time moisturizer cream. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum retails for $185 for 30 mls from Dermalogica counters and online at As with all retinoids, please remember to wear a good SPF sunblock during the day to protect your skin.

Prep With SkinProud

SkinProud skincare, available in NZ at Farmers

Starting with the Bright Boost Serum which is packed full of vitamins, this serum is your skin’s wakeup call in a bottle. Enriched with brightening Vitamin C, revitalising Kakadu Plum and lemon extract to embrace the glow. Follow with the Sorbet Skin Moisturiser, an everyday jelly moisturiser bursting with a powerful four-part hyaluronic acid complex. Ultra-hydrating and lightweight, this oil-free gel will lock-in moisture for dewy, healthy skin. To seal in all the goodness, the super-fine Refresher Hydrating Face Mist, formulated with hydrating Japanese rose water, refreshing aloe vera and refining witch hazel extract to refresh the skin. This tailored skin care prep is perfect to hydrate and brighten the skin and prepare your base to achieve a flawless finish. 

The Beauty Chef CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support

The Beauty Shop CLEANSE supports your body by
nourishing your digestive health, supporting
healthy liver function and helping to
promote more radiant skin from within.
CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support features an exclusive probiotic strain, Lactobacillus
rhamnosus GUT5Y™ to contribute
to digestive wellbeing and skin health.

Every day, we shower and brush our teeth without fail, but we often forget that our insides need a little TLC, too. That’s why The Beauty Chef created CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support – a delicious, bio-fermented super-greens powder designed to help support your body’s natural cleansing processes and realign. By adding this potent formula to your inner beauty routine, you’ll receive a supercharged dose of fibre and Certified Organic wholefoods including broccoli sprout, barley grass, spinach, kale and spirulina—as well as prebiotics and probiotics to supercharge your digestion, support healthy liver function and help to promote clearer skin.

Yaconz Natural Prebiotic Superfood

Yaconz Natural Prebiotic Superfood Yacon Syrup sachets

For those wanting to increase their probiotic bacteria, NZ Yacon has released New Zealand made yacon syrup. Yacon Prebiotic has the consistency of golden syrup, or a thick honey, and a rich, sweet resinous taste that can remind the taste of raisins. NZFOS+ Yacon Prebiotic contains natural prebiotic, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, supporting the growth and health of the microflora in our bodies. When our probiotic bacteria are well-taken care of and healthy, our body can maximise its intake of vitamins and minerals. By optimising the absorption levels of our food, we are able to get more “bang for our buck”, so to speak, when we eat any other foods. Yaconz is available online at

THERASTORE online health and wellness

TheraStore stocks collagen-rich protein-packed Chief Nutrition collagen bars

 TheraStore is an online health and wellness business owned by a family from the Hawkes Bay. They offer a vast curation of the highest quality natural health supplements from around the world and have a team of resident naturopaths and medical herbalists to help deliver tailored wellness solutions for every individual. TheraStore encourage you to join their two week challenge to kickstart your journey to healthy eating habits by limiting harmful chemicals, refined carbs, alcohol, and processed foods.

Pictured above: TheraStore stocks Chief Nutrition snack bars; collagen-rich protein-packed collagen bars.

Photos by Megan Robinson, 12 February 2023. Not sponsored, items may have been provided for review purposes.