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Our primary focus is fashion, with a fondness for local names and promoting upcoming talent, and a special feature on New Zealand Fashion Week each year and many shows during the year. We love trying out new beauty products, hearing new music, seeing new films and eating at new cafes and then talking about what we found tasty, good value, or exciting.

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Our target market is New Zealanders who are into the same things we are, and probably what you are, too; going out and where to go, what to wear when you go there and things to do and listen to if you’re staying in.

Our demographic data is:
18-24 yrs 16%
25-34 yrs 33%
35-44 yrs 23%

Our Traffic (now has been operating since January 2001 in Auckland, New Zealand and grown steadily in quality of articles, reach of stories, coverage and traffic. We now use social media throughout the day to drive traffic from our popular Facebook and Twitter pages. Please contact us for the latest stats.

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